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Signlessxhuman!Reader Helplessly in Love with You
"(Name)!" Your moirail knocked on your door. Since you didn't answer after ten minutes of screaming for you, she shrugged and walked away. Currently, you were out exploring behind your hive, resting on a log, sweat rolling down your face. "Oh Gog, it's hot out here..." You whined, taking another swig from your water bottle. The sun was high in the air and the canopy of leaves above you were the only things keeping you from burning to a crisp. You were human, visiting your friends here on Alternia for a bit. Plus, exploring!
A groan from close by made you jump. No one in their right mind would be out at this time of day. "Hello? Who's there??" You walked closer to the sound, spotting two grey wrists clasped in bright red cancer shaped cuffs. You gasped, pulling him out of the sunlight. A nasty sunburn hand already formed on his skin, blistering was also visible. He groaned again as you moved him, his shackles making him even heavier. You huffed and used your last bit of strength to pry
:iconkylleo:Kylleo 369 227
Hard-Core Gaming (Prussia x Reader)
Games 'n' Guys - Prussia
"What did you just say to me?" you asked through clenched teeth. The albino man that stood at the door way didn't even flinch. In fact, a smug smirk spread across his face as he lent back in his chair.
"You heard me , schatz. There's no way a GIRL can beat a guy in gaming. It's never been done."
You clenched your fists as you glared at Prussia. The prick just had to be sexist about this situation didn't he? All you wanted to do was play the stupid game with him. You asked nicely too. Going as far as to put a smile on your face , but of course he was not satisfied.
You huffed. How the hell did you have a crush on this guy?  He was obnoxious , loud. Seriously where was the appeal. You searched every corner of your brain when it suddenly clicked. You remembered how sweet and caring he was towards Hungary.
She was just as much as a tomboy as you, yet... he had treated her like a princess. Someone to cherish. No matter how much you yelled at people about treating yo
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 1,013 280
Harry Styles X Reader
Harry X Reader X Niall
Type of writing: Angst
Length: Long
Requested By: Ava
Comments: Yeah. I must be really bored if I'm writing about 1D since I don't like them. Oh, and as always ____ is where you put the reader's name.
This is angst, and it contains death and self harm. Don't like, don't read. It started at as a short, one page fluff before I decided to continue. Whoops.
I giggled and ran to the swing, jumping on and starting to rock myself higher. I tilted my head back and enjoyed the afternoon sun as I swung, unaware of someone else.
It was only when I slowed down that I noticed the boy sitting on the other swing and smiling. He looked about seven, my age, and was watching me.
I blushed and smiled.
"Hello! I'm _____!" He grinned and held out a hand.
"My name is Harry!" I noticed his cute dimples and curly brown hair. It looked kinda poofy, but cool. I giggled and shook his hand.
"Your hair is funny!" He laughed.
"Everyone says that!"
We soon became the best of friends, doing
:iconkalliat:kalliat 63 98
Harry Styles x Reader: Coffee lover
You was walking down the streets of London when something caught your attention. A boy that looked about 19 with short thick curly brown hair was carrying a lot of Starbucks coffee. You saw that he was about to drop all of them to, you ran over to him and caught them just in time before they feel. Then you heard a deep british accent from the boy that you helped infront of you "Thank you for that love, thought I was going to actually drop them that time."
You laughed softly and took some of the coffee that he was carrying "It's no problem at all but let me help you with these." You then looked back up to him and was in shock a little when you saw that it was Harry Styles. Your eyes widen as you looked at him.
He smiled looking at you "Thank you, whats your name." He keeped looking at you smileing and you was spechless as you keeped looking at him. He tilted hi head puzzled a little, you then snapped back into reality "O
:iconlexieawesome:LexieAwesome 60 27
I have to tell you.:SwedenXReader:.
"You can't go!" You yelled at him.
"(name), I have to." Your best friend Berwald said.
"No you don't. You have to stay here." You pleaded with him.
He looked at you with a faint smile on his face.
"I'll be fine. And I'll be back." He said holding you in his arms as you cried.
"You better come back." You said into the crook of his neck.
Berwald didn't do anything but hold you tighter in his arms.
He was going off the next morning. First some training then off to war for who knows how long. He had been your best friend for who knows how long, and recently you've developed feelings for him but now, now he was off to fight with the rest of many men.
"Bye (name)." He said to you as he got onto the train.
"Bye Ber." You said begining to wipe your watering eyes.
He held your face and wiped away your tears for you and smiled down at you.
"No more tears. I'll always be with you." He said giving you a friendly kiss on the forehead.
"Ber, I have to tell you something." You said.
:iconrecklessmonstrosity:RecklessMonstrosity 220 19
Punk!BritainXPunk!Reader Battle of the Bands
"You ready, (Name)?"
"Damn right." Replied the (h/c) female. "3...2...1."
She started off with some light strums on her (fav/color) electric guitar, then they quickly transformed into the song that (Name) and her band were going to perform at the Battle of the Bands at the end of the week.
(Name) was the lead singer and one of the guitarists of her band, (BandName). Along with her, Mathias Køhler on second guitar, Lukas Bondevik on bass, Emil Steilsson on keyboard, Tino Väinämöinen on backup bass, and Berwald Oxenstierna on drums. The six of them were a pretty damn good in a band. It would have to take a lot of work if anyone wanted to beat them in the Battle of the Bands.
She finished the last cord of the song and let out a sigh. "That should be it for today, good job, boys."
"Aw yeah!! Awesome job, (Name)! We'll win for sure!!" Mathias cheered as he slung an arm around (Name)'s shoulders.
"Hell yeah we will!" She agreed while she ruffled his gravity defying
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 455 225
England X Baby!Reader Repeated Past CH. 2
The loud sound of wailing woke him up. Arthur bolted upright in bed, panting heavily. He grasped his chest when he realized it was his new child, _______. She was the one crying loudly, flailing her arms and thrashing around on the bed. Arthur quickly and carefully scooped her up in his arms before she could fall off the bed, rocking her gently. Tiredly, he spoke to her. "What is it, love? What's wrong?" There seemed to be nothing wrong  hygiene-wise, and she wasn't hungry, Arthur had looked at that as well. She still lay in his arms, sniffling occasionally. Arthur was glad her cries had stopped, maybe he could get some sleep. 
Nodding off already, he lay ________ down on the bed next to him, but as soon as he did, her wails started up again. Arthur grimaced, his eyes now shut. He reached over and carefully wrapped his arms around the baby's frame, bringing her close to his chest. _______ immediately latched onto his nightshirt, wrinkling the fabric clutched in her petite han
:iconlittleoceanbabe:littleoceanbabe 749 725
Adopting Strays (Neko!Nordics X Reader)
[A/N: Sort of long, just a warning]
You were walking down the street, extremely cheery. Your job was doing very well, so you moved out of your terrible apartment into a nice house! Your friends were often preoccupied with work or college… Though you wouldn't admit it, you were lonely. Yes, even the great (f/n) (l/n) needs people! You sighed, running a hand though your silky (h/c) hair before you heard faint meows coming from an alley you were passing. Since there were a lot of people around, you decided to investigate and what you found shocked you.
"Meow...meow...meow," A huge box turned to its side which contained a tiny white kitten with a black circle around one ear and light purple eyes. You gave a soft aw before bending down to observe it; you absolutely adored cats! Then you heard a hiss... no, LOTS of hisses (RUN, BITCH, RUN). You looked around to find 4 other cats glaring at you and baring their teeth.
'They must be a family or something... What sh
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 1,298 312
A Love Filled Reunion. [DenmarkxSoldier!Reader]
          A Love Filled Reunion.
          [Denmark x Reader]
If anyone would ask about his home situation, Matthias would grumble and brush off the question with his attitude quickly souring. To put it simply, he and his four Scandinavian friends moved to America back in high school. After they graduated, they decided that it would be easier to buy a roomy house and split the expenses- since they were all so close anyway.
What they didn't expect was a girl to come through and change their lives permanently. Matthias and [y/n] were high school sweet hearts. She went through the troubles of learning Danish for him, they were dubbed as the 'Most Likely To Marry' in their senior yearbook, and they didn't have a care in life.
Until [y/n] got that letter. That letter that sent Matthias spiraling into a depression that he hid very well. What was the letter exactly? A scholarship given to her by the U.S. Army.
As Matthias downed another beer,
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 402 86
Give Me That Girl. [NorwayxReader]
            Give Me That Girl
            [Norway x Reader]
A heavy sigh came from a quiet nation who was sitting between Finland and Norway. Her [e/c] eyes glimmered in irritation, the jittery tapping of her foot was getting faster, and her patience was running thin. Which was strange, seeing as how [y/n] was a very patient person. This Summit Meeting was being held in Germany, and surprisingly, the stick-in-the-mud male had lost control of the meeting. All hell was breaking loose.
That is, until a group of people began pondering on a subject that got everyone to shut up instantly.
"No, I don't think Romano could act sexy." Prussia stated loudly, trying to get his French friend to hear him over the commotion. Luckily, after that loud declaration, all went quiet. Romano's face heated up so badly that it put every one of Antonio's tomatoes to shame.
The Spaniard chuckled. "Oh, lo siento mi amigo, pero you haven't seen Ro
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 1,173 398
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 11
Chapter 11
The Nordics sat around the living room doing their own thing. Norway (being the boring quiet country he is) was reading a book, Denmark was watching some cartoons with _____, Sweden was reading as well, and as for Finland. Well, let’s just say that his thoughts weren't as pure as they should be as he was thinking about Iceland. And mind you, they weren't anything pleasant; the Finnish man could be quite frightening when needed. Then there was a loud knocking at the door. Heads whipped up to look at the large oaken front door.
A familiar loud voice sounded from behind the door. Denmark sprang to his feet and dashed for the door, ignoring the multiple death glares he was getting from the other people around the room, excluding _____ of course, she's too sweet for that. At least, to the best of their knowledge.
Denmark threw open the door with childish enthusiasm and beamed up at the two countries standing in front of him. White
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 399 203
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 9
Chapter 9
"I thought so. Okay, so it all started like this-"
~Flashback to Yesterday~
Iceland scoffed and got up, walking out of the room without an explanation. He looked back at Mr.Puffin who was still sitting on the table, the puffin avoided his gaze and shook his head. Iceland scowled before walking out of the room and leaving the house, but not before slamming the door as hard as possible.
"What's his problem? It's not like the little girl is going to do anything bad."
"Wh're's F'nl'nd..."
"I'm back. Where's Iceland?"
"He left..."
Finland gave a blank look and threw whatever he was holding behind his back into the hallway before walking back into the living room.
"So, is she asleep?"
Finland nodded at Norway before sitting down and sighing.
"Why so exhausted Finny?"
"I just feel so bad for her."
"Hvad?" [1]
"She just gushed about her home life, I really want to keep her here. Is that alright with you guys?"
The countries nodded simultaneously and Finland smiled. He closed h
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 354 208
Valentine's Day (Child!Denmark X Big Sis!Reader)
"(Name)?" You turned your face from the chocolate and romantic movie to meet the bright blue eyes of your little brother, "What?" He tilted his head, blond hair defying gravity and not moving, "Why are you eating so much candy? Mom says it's bad for- Are you crying?!"
Matthias quickly ran over and jumped on your (f/c) couch, landing on his little 7 year old feet, "Did somebody hurt you?! Are you okay? Do I need to kill somebody?!"
His tiny hands gripped your face and wiped the very few tears that escaped your (e/c) eyes, his usual grinning face was now serious and admittedly, a bit intimidating.
You chuckled at his concern and ruffled his hair, answering, "Nah, Denny, this movie is pretty sad and also reminds me I'm 16 and is single on Valentine's Day." Sighing, you turned off the movie and moved the candy off your lap and onto the couch, oblivious to Matthias's curious stare until he spoke, "What is Valentine's Day? When I asked at school, they said it was a day of love and mushy stuf
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 584 133
Don't Insult Maman (Child!BTT X Mama!Reader)
[A/N: Follows little to no history so please be mindful of that. Thank you]
"Francis, Antonio, Gilbert, lunch!~" You called your little countries, setting out the food. It was surprising how fast little kids move when their favorite meal is set down; Spain was munching on a tomato and some churros, France chomping on...snails..., and Gilbert chewing on a wurst. You gave a tired smile at them being adorable as always, giving a quick glare at the pile of work waiting for you. Having one young country was hard enough, but you were taking on 3! Letting a small sigh of relief of paperwork, you ate some (favorite food) quickly.
"Maman?" your French son tugged on your sleeve after everyone finished eating, "Can you play with us in the snow?"
The other two jumped up in excitement. "Si, mamá! Por favor?" "Ja, ja! Mutti, please?" Great, now 3 extremely powerful puppy eyes were gunned at you.... Eh, you can pull an all-nighter for the work, "Sure why not? Go and change!" With those words, the you
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 2,117 692
Romano x Reader: He didn't mean that!
Romano x Reader: He didn’t mean that!
READ ME: I really wanted to do a Romano fanfic, but I hate writting bad words and such so every bad word here will be censored by '*' except for the itlain cuss words. If you want to find out the meaning of the italian cuss word, read the description box below. Enjoy! =^.^=
   Before you and Romano were a thing, you absolutely loved celebrating each and every holiday by going out, except Christmas and Thanksgiving; you usually spent those days with your family. For some reason Independence day was a big deal to your close friend; Alfred, who could never find another person to celebrate the day with, so you always offered up to celebrate with him.  Either way you just loved celebrating, even Valentine’s Day; it didn’t bother you one bit that you were single.
Nowadays, you didn’t get a chance to celebrate anything due to your hot head of a boyfriend, Romano Vargas.
-Last y
:icongoldensong2307:GoldenSong2307 414 58


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